Clara Mohammed School provides for its students an academic and social environment conducive to moral, spiritual, and intellectual growth. The pursuit of knowledge and its application are considered the G’d-given right and obligation of every student. Clara Mohammed School welcomes student applicants who demonstrate commitment to the pursuit of moral and academic excellence.

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Admission CMS














  1.     Records-Transcript-Evaluations-Credentials


  1.   All transcripts from all previous schools must be received by school

administration within 10 days after parent or guardian formally submits


  1.   All information requested by CMS must be received before a student is

considered officially enrolled.

  1.  Students without transcripts, pertinent records and latest report cards will

be given provisional placement status.  Parents will be notified of their

child’s status in writing.

  1. Immunizations/waivers must be up-to-date, and proof submitted before

            ANYstudent is admitted to class.  NO EXCEPTIONS.



  1. Parents/Students Interview


  1. Student applicants will be interviewed.
  2.     Mother, father or legal guardian will be interviewed in person.



  1. Academic Acceptance


  1. All elementary students must have been promoted to the next grade level

from previous schools at the end of the year.

  1. Transferring elementary students must have passing grades in all the

following subjects: reading, math and language. Students who fail to meet the

above requirements may be placed provisionally.

  1.    Students who have exhibited behavioral difficulty will not be accepted.
  2. Students who have been suspended or expelled from another educational

institution will not be accepted.



  1. Home School


  1.    All students will be placed in the grade to which they were promoted by the

previous school as indicated by the school’s official transcript.

  1. Parents must submit transcript, evaluations, and standardized test results,

maintained by accredited homeschool provider within ten days of filing an

application with CMS.

  1. Home-school students will be tested to further assess appropriate placement.
  2. Parent must submit in writing, an outline of the curriculum, test results, and

evaluation of student’s performance from home school instructor.

  1.        Testing of New Students


  1. New students will be tested in English and Math.
  2. Diagnostic tests in Math and or English will be given as needed.



  1. Age and Promotion requirements: Pre-School through 8thGrade


*Minimum age requirements upon entering:


  1.      Pre-School 2 ½ years and toilet trained
  2.      Pre-Kindergarten – 4 years by the end of current school year
  3.      Kindergarten – 5 years old before December 31
  4.      First Grade– 6 years old
  5.      Second Grade – 7 years old
  6.      Third Grade – 8 years old
  7.      Fourth grade – 9 years old
  8.      Fifth Grade – 10 years old
  9.      Sixth Grade – 11 years
  10.    Seventh Grade – 12 years
  11.    Eighth Grade – 13 years


*Age will not be the only criteria in placing a student in the appropriate grade.



  1. Orientation


All students and parents must participate in Orientation in order to be admitted.



















Good Standing


All students will be considered in “Good Standing” except:

  1. Those students admitted with provisional qualifiers
  2. Those students on academic probation
  3. Those students on social probation





  1. New/Returning Student Probation– All students will be on probation for the

first four weeks, during which time their academic and social progress will be

closely monitored.


  1. Academic Probation (Grade School) – Any student failing to earn a GPA of 2.0

(“C”) at the end of the previous school year.


  1. Social Probation – Any student earning more than three (3) disciplinary referrals

in a given semester will be placed on social Probation.  The academic and social

performance of such students will be closely monitored.

Admission Requirements

Financial Aid

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