A Brief History:

In the United States, Muslim schools are by far the most vibrant examples of Islamic progress and self-determination. Since the 1930’s, the Clara Mohammed School System (CMS) has been at the cutting edge of this movement. Despite numerous threats of imprisonment by local authorities, the late Sister Clara Mohammed (wife of the Hon. Elijah Mohammed) started Islamic schools in America when she refused to send her children to the public school system. A very strong-willed woman, in the mold of Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman, Sister Clara Mohammed did not feel that the existing environment provided the proper education, self-respect, and dignity that her children deserved.

Through it curriculum, staff and environment, since 1967 CMS at Masjid Al-Ansar continues to promote this spirit of self-determination and self-respect

Through it curriculum, staff and environment, since 1967 CMS at Masjid Al-Ansar continues to promote this spirit of self-determination and self-respect


  • Vision and Mission
    • The mission of Clara Mohammed is to provide children with a wholesome, safe environment; to encourage the development of G-d consciousness, academic excellence, and good moral character; and to establish a strong teacher, parent, child relationship
    • Goals:
    • Philosophy: One of the main ingredients of an Islamic-based education is the proper understanding of the concept of worship. Each day, students are encouraged to individually acknowledge the Presence and Magnificence of Allah (G-d), as well as to join his/her teacher in congregational prayer at the prescribed time. As a private institution, CMS not only promotes prayer in school, but Allah (G-d) is kept at the forefront of education. At CMS we believe that prayer is essential to proper preservation of the moral fibers of the society.


  • Faculty and Staff
    • Clara Mohammed faculty and staff are dedicated to the moral and academic development of their students. The staff’s professionalism and positive attitude create a loving and safe environment for the students. Most members of the faculty and staff have been employed at Clara Mohammed School for more than ten years. The longevity of the faculty and staff is an indication of commitment and dedication to educating our most important asset, our children. Although the faculty and staff are trained in their subject area, they keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of education by attending workshops, and other available professional development opportunities. The faculty and staff at Clara Mohammed School are respected and revered for their labor of love for the sake of Allah.
      G-d has placed a duty on man to learn. It is through proper education that man realizes the full unfolding of his excellent nature and noble purpose. Everyone possesses an inherent capacity for intelligent life. If properly educated, that intelligent life will be manifested by an expanding sense of social responsibility.

      The urge for intelligent growth is natural and pervasive in man. His natural course of development, if uninterrupted, will be towards intelligent life. His need for fulfillment of his inherent social needs bids him towards morally sound and intelligent behavior.

      A major purpose of education is to nourish man toward a higher and higher awareness of nature and his purpose, of his duty to prove worthy of the dignified station that his Creator has granted him in the creation, and of the vital role of learning in meeting his responsibilities.

      Education should meet the challenge of the particular environment in which it is imparted. It should be planned to make its recipients capable of dealing with the physical, social, and psychological realities of the world in which they live. Never should its aim be compromised; it should always aim at excellence.

      Clara Mohammed School has an integral connection with the American environment and with African American excellence. This obligates us to endeavor to understand the history and the problems peculiar to this ethnic group, towards the end of achieving our universal aim. The school also fosters an appreciation of the noble principles upon which America was founded. This is towards the end of cultivating qualities that characterize good citizenship.

      Since the need to learn is inherent, we should plan and impart education in such a manner that it capitalizes upon the immediate as well as the long-range need of the learner. The educational process should be natural – practical and realistic to the learner.

      Our aim is to develop persons who are G’d –conscious, who are capable of thinking clearly, logically and creatively, and who have a strong commitment to use learning to develop respect for G’d-consciousness in the service to society and humanity.


  • History of Sister Clara MohammedSister Clara Mohammed was born November 2, 1899, in Macon Georgia.  She married the late Elijah Mohammed and their marriage produced eight children: two daughters and six sons.

    During the early years of her children’s lives, she was compelled to find an alternative to her children attending Detroit’s public schools.  The schools were unsuitable for her children’s initial developmental needs.  So, at great sacrifice, she taught them herself at home and had a tutor assist their Islamic education in academics and moral excellence.  This was done upon her husband’s instruction until an Islamic school could be build for them, and other Muslim children.  This action was the seed of the establishment of Clara Mohammed schools across America.

    Allah rewarded her for taking this initiative early in her children’s lives by blessing her to produce a family of dedicated Muslims. One of her sons is the world renowned Muslim American Spokesman for Human Salvation in this country and throughout the world, Imam Warith Deen Mohammed.  Another of her sons is a college professor, Dr. Akbar Mohammed. One of her daughters has dedicated over 23 years of teaching in the institution of Sister Clara Mohammed Schools, Mrs. Raya Mohammed.  A third son is a successful business man and the former manager of Mohammed Ali, the world’s Champion boxer, Herbert Mohammed.  The other four brothers and sisters are successful in their individual fields.

    Sister Clara Mohammed strove to instill in her children the lasting qualities of family love, caring, strong moral values, commitment and independence.  She stressed the Islamic ideas of respect, love, and warmth between parents and children. She faced opposition from authorities and others with determination and strength.  She was totally committed to equitable education for all students.

    In our growing understanding of the depth of the good qualities she possessed, may Allah place in our hearts and minds the same patience and perseverance to instill these essentials in our own children, insha-Allah.  She passed away on August 12, 1972.

  • Contact and Direction
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